Contactless & environmental friendly disinfection dispensers

  • Contactless for safety and hygiene
  • 100% energy free (no electricity or batteries)
  • Fully Customizable (Logo & CI)
  • Minimized Maintenance
  • Financial Savings
  • Modern Design
  • 2 Year Warranty

More than a product. An integrated solution for your business.

Our dispensers send a clear message to customers and employees that hand hygiene is of outmost importance.


  • Welcoming and easy to use
  • Contactless design with foot pedals
  • Integrated and fully customizable CI
  • Financial savings through large tank volumes
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • High quality product made in Europe

With STEPANDSAFE you welcome back customers and ensure that they feel safe shopping with you!

How we address the current situation?

The Solutions provided today are neither sustainable nor efficient.

As customers we are welcomed by pump bottles at the entrance often empty and unhygenic. As many customers and employees use the same bottles this represent an additional risk spreading bacterias and viruses.

Touchless sensor dispensers often don’t work, require electricity or batteries and additional maintenance.

This is the first impression entering your business.

STEPANDSAFE is different.

STEPANDSAFE is different.


Why is our contactless disinfectant dispenser the best solution for your business?

We revolutionize the way that customers and employees interact with your brand by enabling a safe and hygienic customer experience.


Contactless usage to avoid customers being exposed to high-risk areas.

Environmental friendly

Our dispensers are 100% energy free. No electricity or batteries needed.

Fully Customizable

Fully integrated Corporate Identity of your company (Logo, Color & much more)

Modern Design

Elegant design produced in the EU. Stainless steel & powder coated surface.

Minimized Maintenance

Minimal maintenance needed. Let your employees focus on the important tasks.

Financial Savings

Less downtime & administration results in financial savings over time.

Product Videos

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Our Products

We've got disinfectant dispensers for your Office, Store or Warehouse.

We specialize in individual dispenser solutions for our customers. With a wide portfolio we are sure to have the right solution for your needs.


Use: Office, Hotel Reception
Product info

Height: 1190 mm
Stand plate: 400 x 400 mm
Material: steel
Tank: 7 liter INOX
Color: powder coated
Weight: 27.8 kg

DESIGN - 1 Liter

Use: Office, Hotel Reception
Product info

Height: 1190 mm
Stand plate: 400 x 400 mm
Material: steel
Tank: 1 liter bottle
Color: powder coated
Weight: 27.8 kg

CITY - 12 Liter INOX

Use: Store
Product info

Height: 1145 mm
Base plate: 395 x 395 mm
Material: steel
Tank: 12 liter INOX
Tank measure: content display
Color: powder coated
Weight: 29 kg

CITY XL - 10 Liter

Use: Store
Product info

Height: 1165 mm
Base plate: 395 x 395 mm
Material: steel
Tank (1): 5 liter canister
Tank (2): 10 liter canister
Color: powder coated
Weight: 38 kg

INDUSTRY - 1 Liter

Use: Warehouse, Factory
Product info

Height: 1170 mm
Stand plate: 410 x 410 mm
Material: steel
Tank (1): 1 liter INOX
Tank (2): 1 liter bottle
Color: powder coated
Weight: 16 kg

CHILDREN - 1 Liter

Use: For children
Product info

Height: 700 mm
Stand plate: 410 x 410 mm
Material: steel
Tank: 1 liter bottle
Color: powder coated
Weight: 13.7 kg


Frequently asked questions

Please find below the answers to the most commonly asked questions that we get. Should you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form at the bottom of this page or by clicking here.

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We guarantee 24 Months factory guarantee upon delivery. In the unlikely event your STEPANDSAFE would malfunction after this period please let us know as we put all efforts in that this solution is built to last much, much longer.
Absolutely. Just insert your delivery country in the request and our shipping department will get in contact with you regarding the transport agreement we have for your country.
From order date 3-8 weeks depending on the order volume (will be communicated on order date)
Yes. You can choose any base color and logo combinations. Our design team look forward working with you to create your own unique design.
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